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Get a two-factor verification code/2fa auth (2FA) tool (similar to the web version of Google Authenticator) and enter the key. Two-step verification (2FA) is a security measure that increases the security of online accounts by providing two different types of verification. In 2FA, there are two commonly used verification methods, namely time-based one-time password (TOTP) and count-based one-time password (HOTP).

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    The current 2FA verification code is

2FA tool description (This webpage does not store any 2FA data, please make a backup)

Demonstration Key:

3J64V3P3E77J4LKNUGSZ5QANTLRLTKVL (click to copy)

Usage Instructions:
Enter the verification code for login or validation before the countdown ends, otherwise it will expire and display an error.
Additional methods:

The key can also be appended to the URL. https://www.browserscan.net/2fa

Example: https://www.browserscan.net/2fa/3J64V3P3E77J4LKNUGSZ5QANTLRLTKVL

Or hash parameter https://www.browserscan.net/2fa#3J64V3P3E77J4LKNUGSZ5QANTLRLTKVL

In this way, you can also query the verification code. Multiple keys can be separated by commas. Convenient to copy and forward to others.

what is two factor authentication 2fa

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a measure to enhance account security by using two different authentication factors. This means that when logging in or performing sensitive operations, users are required to provide two authentication factors, usually a password and another independent verification method.

The purpose of 2FA is to prevent hackers from exploiting security vulnerabilities that allow them to access accounts with just a password. By introducing a second factor, even if a hacker obtains your password, they will still need to provide the second factor to successfully log in. This extra layer of security greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your account.

Currently, 2FA is widely used in various online platforms and services. These include social media sites, email services, banks and financial institutions, etc. Many online games also provide 2FA functions, such as Fortnite, where players can protect their game accounts by enabling 2FA.

There are many ways to enable 2FA. One common method is to use a 2FA authenticator app. These apps can be installed on a mobile phone and generate a temporary verification code for logging in. The user needs to enter this verification code as the second verification factor on the login page. Common 2FA authenticator apps include Google Authenticator and Authy, as well as various website online authenticators (2fa live etc.).

When a user enables 2FA, the system will ask the user to provide a second verification factor in addition to the password every time they log in. This can be a verification code generated by a 2FA authenticator or a verification code sent via SMS or email. The user needs to enter the correct verification code within the specified time to successfully log in.

2FA is an effective security measure that can help users protect their accounts from unauthorized access. By using a second verification factor, such as a verification code generated by a 2FA authenticator, users can increase the security of their accounts, ensuring that only they can log in and access sensitive information.