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HTTP/2 browser fingerprinting identifies web clients by analyzing specific HTTP/2 attributes, such as the values of SETTINGS frames, WINDOW_UPDATE frames, stream priorities, and the order of pseudo-header fields. It generates an Akamai format http fingerprint. This fingerprint can identify requests from malicious scripts.

HTTP User-Agent

HTTP Protocol

HTTP/2 Fingerprint

Akamai Hash

Akamai Text

The following demonstrates the SSL/TLS capabilities of your web browser, including supported TLS protocols, cipher suites, extensions, and key exchange groups. It also generates a TLS fingerprint in JA3 and JA4 formats. This fingerprint can also identify requests from malicious scripts.

TLS Fingerprint


JA3 Hash


Fingerprint Hash

Supported Cipher Suites (in order as received):

Supported TLS Extensions (in order as received):