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WebRTC Leak Test:No Public IP Leak


The WebRTC leak test is an important tool for those using VPNs because it leverages the WebRTC API to communicate with a STUN server, potentially leaking the user's real local and public IP address, even when using a VPN, proxy server, or NAT. This tool can help verify whether the real public IP has been leaked.

After authorizing media device permissions, WebRTC will leak local IP

Media Devices API Support

not support

Audio Permissions

Video Permissions

How to Disable WebRTC

  • To disable WebRTC in Firefox:

    Type in the address bar and press Enter about:config

    media.peerconnection.enabled In the search bar, type and double-click the preference to set its value to false.

  • WebRTC in Chrome:

    The recommended solution to limit the risk of IP leakage via WebRTC is to use the official Google extension called which provides a range of options with varying levels of protection. WebRTC Network Limiter