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Two-step verification/two-step verification code acquisition (2FA) tool (similar to the web version of Google Authenticator), just enter the key.

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    The current 2FA verification code is

2FA tool description (This webpage does not store any 2FA data, please make a backup)

Demonstration Key:

3J64V3P3E77J4LKNUGSZ5QANTLRLTKVL (click to copy)

Usage Instructions:
Enter the verification code for login or validation before the countdown ends, otherwise it will expire and display an error.
Additional methods:

The key can also be appended to the URL. https://www.browserscan.net/2fa

Example: https://www.browserscan.net/2fa/3J64V3P3E77J4LKNUGSZ5QANTLRLTKVL

Or hash parameter https://www.browserscan.net/2fa#3J64V3P3E77J4LKNUGSZ5QANTLRLTKVL

In this way, you can also query the verification code. Multiple keys can be separated by commas. Convenient to copy and forward to others.