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Two-step verification/two-step verification code acquisition (2FA) tool (similar to the web version of Google Authenticator), just enter the key.


The current 2FA verification code is

2FA tool description (This webpage does not store any 2FA data, please make a backup)

Demo key: 3J64V3P3E77J4LKNUGSZ5QANTLRLTKVL (click this key to copy)

Usage Tips: You must enter the verification code to log in or verify before the countdown ends, otherwise it will be invalid and an error will be displayed.

More ways: You can also add the key after the URL https://browserscan.net/2fa Example: https://browserscan.net/2fa/3J64V3P3E77J4LKNUGSZ5QANTLRLTKVL In this way, you can also query the verification code. Multiple keys can be separated by commas. Convenient to copy and forward to others.