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Popular places and events near this IP address

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    American private foundation

    Distance: Approx. 436 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 47.62361111,-122.34555556

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) is an American private foundation founded by Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates. Based in Seattle, Washington, it was launched in 2000 and is reported to be the second largest charitable foundation in the world, holding $69 billion in assets as of 2020. The primary stated goals of the foundation are to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty across the world, and to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology in the U.S. Key individuals of the foundation include Warren Buffett, chief executive officer Mark Suzman, and Michael Larson.

  • KONG (TV)

    KONG (TV)

    Independent TV station in Everett, Washington

    Distance: Approx. 580 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 47.63166667,-122.35083333

    KONG (channel 16) is an independent television station licensed to Everett, Washington, United States, serving the Seattle area. It is owned by Tegna Inc. alongside NBC affiliate KING-TV (channel 5).

  • Seattle Opera

    Seattle Opera

    Opera company in Seattle, Washington, U.S.

    Distance: Approx. 463 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 47.6239545,-122.3494188

    Seattle Opera is an opera company based in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 1963 by Glynn Ross, who served as its first general director until 1983. The company's season runs from August through late May, comprising five or six operas of eight to ten performances each, often featuring double casts in major roles to allow for successive evening presentations.

  • McCaw Hall

    McCaw Hall

    Opera house in Seattle, Washington, U.S.

    Distance: Approx. 531 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 47.624,-122.351

    Marion Oliver McCaw Hall (often abbreviated to McCaw Hall) is a performing arts hall in Seattle, Washington. Located on the grounds of Seattle Center and owned by the city of Seattle, McCaw Hall's two principal tenants are the Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet. The building is named for Marion Oliver McCaw, whose four sons donated $20 million to fund a major renovation in 2003.

  • Memorial Stadium (Seattle)

    Memorial Stadium (Seattle)

    Sports venue in Seattle, United States

    Distance: Approx. 576 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 47.623,-122.35

    Seattle High School Memorial Stadium, commonly known simply as Memorial Stadium, is an outdoor athletic stadium in Seattle, Washington, located in the northeast corner of the Seattle Center grounds. The stadium opened in 1947 on the site of Seattle's former Civic Field, built as a memorial to the Seattle Public Schools pupils killed in the Second World War. A memorial wall listing the names of 762 students was dedicated in 1951.

  • Intiman Theatre

    American theatre company, founded 1972

    Distance: Approx. 588 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 47.62430278,-122.35244167

    Intiman Theatre is a resident theater company in Seattle, Washington, founded in 1972 by Margaret "Megs" Booker, who named it after Strindberg's Intimate Theater in Stockholm. Through its history, the professional theatre company has been based at various venues in Seattle; since 2021, it has been located as theatre-in-residence at Seattle Central College, performing in two venues on that campus.

  • Mercer Arena

    Mercer Arena

    Demolished entertainment venue in Seattle, Washington

    Distance: Approx. 470 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 47.62388889,-122.34944444

    Mercer Arena, previously known as the Exposition Building, Civic Ice Arena, and Seattle Center Arena, was a performing arts venue situated in the Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington. Constructed in 1927 next to the Seattle Civic Auditorium (now the site of the Seattle Opera House), it was built at a cost of $1 million. The arena was located at Mercer Street and 4th Avenue North and predated the Seattle Center Coliseum by about 35 years.

  • A Place for Mom

    U.S. healthcare company

    Distance: Approx. 507 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 47.631012,-122.341887

    A Place for Mom, founded in 2000, is a privately held, for-profit senior care referral service headquartered in New York, New York. The company provides personal and professional assistance to families in search of senior care options. Their service is free to families.

  • Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival

    Distance: Approx. 505 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 47.62399722,-122.35047778

    The Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival (MIFFF) was a three day international genre film festival held annually in Seattle, Washington. MIFFF was the premiere Pacific northwest event devoted to action, animation, fantasy, horror and science fiction cinema from around the globe. The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) Cinema at McCaw Hall hosted MIFFF which resided on the campus of Seattle Center.

  • Impatient Optimist (sculpture)

    Impatient Optimist (sculpture)

    Sculpture by Janet Echelman in Seattle, Washington, U.S.

    Distance: Approx. 465 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 47.62333333,-122.34583333

    Impatient Optimist is a sculpture by Janet Echelman, installed in Seattle, Washington.

  • Fountain of the Northwest

    Fountain of the Northwest

    Fountain and sculpture in Seattle, Washington, U.S.

    Distance: Approx. 588 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 47.62427778,-122.35241667

    Fountain of the Northwest is a 1961-1962 fountain and bronze sculpture by James FitzGerald, installed in Seattle Center's Cornish Playhouse Courtyard, in the U.S. state of Washington. The work measures 246 x 132 x 126 in. (624.8 x 335.3 x 320 cm).

  • Kreielsheimer Promenade

    Kreielsheimer Promenade

    Plaza in Seattle, Washington, U.S.

    Distance: Approx. 534 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 47.62402778,-122.35111111

    Kreielsheimer Promenade is a 17,800-square-foot public plaza in the Seattle Center, in the U.S. state of Washington. The plaza is an entry to McCaw Hall and a pedestrian corridor connecting the campus and Mercer Street. The promenade features a series of large metal scrims as well as multiple artworks inside and outside the performance venue.

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Current Weather

broken clouds

Current Temperature

10 Celsius

Feeling temperature

10 Celsius

lowest temperature

9 Celsius

Maximum temperature

12 Celsius

Atmospheric pressure

1015 hPa


78 %


10000 meters

Wind speed

2.06 m/s

wind direction

240 degree


75 %

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