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Popular places and events near this IP address

  • New Rome

    Ancient nickname for the city of Byzantium, later known as Constantinople (modern Istanbul)

    Distance: Approx. 492 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 41.01388889,28.95555556

    New Rome (Greek: Νέα Ῥώμη, Néa Rhṓmē; Koinē Greek: [ˈne̞a ˈr̥o̞ːme̞ː]; Latin: Nova Roma; Late Latin: [ˈnɔwa ˈroma]) was the original name given by the Roman emperor Constantine the Great to his new imperial capital in 330 CE, which was built as an expansion of the city of Byzantium on the European coast of the Bosporus strait. The city was founded as Byzantion (Greek: Βυζάντιον) by Megarian colonists in 657 BCE. It was renamed by Constantine the Great first as "New Rome" (Nova Roma) during the official dedication of the city as the new Roman capital in 330 CE, which he soon afterwards changed to Constantinople (Constantinopolis). The city was officially renamed as Istanbul in the 20th century, after the establishment of the Turkish Republic in 1923.

  • Istanbul


    Largest city in Turkey

    Distance: Approx. 446 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 41.01361111,28.955

    Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, straddling the Bosporus Strait, the boundary between Europe and Asia. It is considered the country's economic, cultural and historic capital. The city has a population of over 15 million residents, comprising 19% of the population of Turkey, and is the most populous city in Europe and the world's fifteenth-largest city.

  • Column of Marcian

    Column of Marcian

    Monumental column in Istanbul, Turkey

    Distance: Approx. 188 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 41.01543,28.9503

    The Column of Marcian (Greek: Στήλη του Μαρκιανού, Turkish: Kıztaşı) is a Roman honorific column erected in Constantinople by the praefectus urbi Tatianus (450 – c. 452) and dedicated to the Emperor Marcian (450–57). It is located in the present-day Fatih district of Istanbul.

  • Aksaray, Fatih

    Aksaray, Fatih

    Neighbourhood in Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey

    Distance: Approx. 496 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 41.01,28.95277778

    Aksaray (literally "White Palace" in Turkish) is a neighbourhood in the municipality and district of Fatih, Istanbul Province, Turkey. Its population is 8,541 (2022). It is so named because it was founded by migrants from Aksaray in central Turkey, brought here in the 15th century by Mehmet II to repopulate the city after its conquest.

  • Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Mosque

    Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Mosque

    Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

    Distance: Approx. 508 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 41.01,28.95305556

    The Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Mosque, also known as the Aksaray Valide Mosque (Turkish: Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Camii, Aksaray Valide Sultan Camii), is a grand Ottoman imperial mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. It is located at the intersection of Ordu Street and Atatürk Boulevard in the Aksaray neighborhood beside the Pertevniyal High School (Turkish: Pertevniyal Lisesi) which was also built by the order of Sultana Pertevniyal in 1872. The mosque attracts 400-500 worshipers during regular prayer times and over 2,500 worshipers during Friday prayers.

  • Church of St. Polyeuctus

    Church of St. Polyeuctus

    Byzantine church in Istanbul

    Distance: Approx. 278 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 41.014,28.953

    The Church of St. Polyeuctus (Greek: Ἅγιος Πολύευκτος, translit. Hagios Polyeuktos; Turkish: Ayios Polieuktos Kilisesi) was an ancient Byzantine church in Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey) built by the noblewoman Anicia Juliana and dedicated to Saint Polyeuctus.

  • Aviation Martyrs' Monument

    Aviation Martyrs' Monument

    Military monument in Turkey

    Distance: Approx. 426 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 41.0156,28.95418

    The Aviation Martyrs' Monument (Turkish: Hava Şehitleri Anıtı or formerly Tayyare Şehitleri Abidesi), located in Fatih district of Istanbul, Turkey, is a memorial dedicated to the first soldiers of the Ottoman Airforce to be killed in flight accidents. In Turkey, one use of the term "martyr" is as an honorific for people killed in action during war. The monument was commissioned right after the consecutive crash of two monoplanes in Palestine, killing three of the four military aviators who were on an expedition flight from Istanbul to Alexandria in early 1914.

  • Aksaray (Istanbul Metro)

    Aksaray (Istanbul Metro)

    Station of the Istanbul Metro

    Distance: Approx. 308 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 41.0111,28.9489

    Aksaray is a rapid transit station on the M1 line of the Istanbul Metro. It is located in central Fatih under Adnan Menderes Boulevard near Aksaray square. Aksaray was opened on 3 September 1989 as part of the first rapid transit line in Istanbul and Turkey.

  • İskender Pasha Mosque, Fatih

    İskender Pasha Mosque, Fatih

    Mosque in Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey

    Distance: Approx. 354 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 41.01667,28.94788

    İskender Pasha Mosque (Turkish: İskender Paşa Cami), a.k.a. Terkim Masjid (Turkish: Terkim Mescidi) is a historic mosque located in Fatih district in Istanbul, Turkey. Located on Sarıgüzel Street in İskenderpaşa neighborhood of Fatih, it was endowed in 1505–06 by İskender Pasha, who lived at the time of Mehmed the Conqueror (1432–1481) and served as a vizier of Bayezid II (reigned 1481–1512).

  • Murat Pasha Mosque, Aksaray

    Murat Pasha Mosque, Aksaray

    15th-century Ottoman-era mosque in the Fatih district of Istanbul

    Distance: Approx. 398 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 41.010266,28.949001

    The Murat Pasha Mosque (Turkish: Murat Paşa Camii) is a 15th century Ottoman mosque squeezed in between two busy roads linking Aksaray and Yusufpaşa in the Fatih district of Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Battle of Constantinople (1241)

    Naval battle

    Distance: Approx. 492 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 41.01388889,28.95555556

    The Battle of Constantinople was a naval battle between the fleets of the Empire of Nicaea and the Republic of Venice that occurred in May–June 1241 near Constantinople.

  • İskenderpaşa


    District in Istanbul, Turkey

    Distance: Approx. 99 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 41.01444444,28.94888889

    İskenderpaşa is a neighbourhood in the municipality and district of Fatih, Istanbul Province, Turkey. Its population is 12,024 (2022). It is in the European part of Istanbul.

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