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Popular places and events near this IP address

  • Tank Man

    Anonymous Tiananmen Square protester

    Distance: Approx. 266 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 39.90652778,116.39994444

    The Tank Man (also known as the Unknown Protester or Unknown Rebel) is the nickname given to an unidentified individual, presumed to be a Chinese man, who stood in front of a column of Type 59 tanks leaving Tiananmen Square in Beijing on June 5, 1989, the day after the government of China had massacred hundreds of protesters. As the lead tank maneuvered to pass by the man, he repeatedly shifted his position in order to obstruct the tank's attempted path around him, and forced the tanks to halt to avoid running him over. The incident was filmed and shared to a worldwide audience.

  • Chang'an Avenue

    Chang'an Avenue

    Road in Beijing, China

    Distance: Approx. 12 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 39.90757,116.397

    Chang'an Avenue (simplified Chinese: 长安街; traditional Chinese: 長安街; pinyin: Cháng'ān Jiē), literally "Eternal Peace Street", is a major thoroughfare in Beijing, China. Chang'an (simplified Chinese: 长安; traditional Chinese: 長安; pinyin: Cháng'ān) is also the old name for Xi'an which was the capital of China during the Western Han dynasty, the Tang dynasty and other periods. The Avenue has also been referred to as the Shili Changjie (simplified Chinese: 十里长街; traditional Chinese: 十里長街; pinyin: Shílǐ Chǎngjiē), meaning the Ten Li Long Street, China's No.

  • Battle of Peking (1900)

    Battle of Peking (1900)

    1900 battle of the Boxer Rebellion

    Distance: Approx. 99 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 39.90666667,116.3975

    The Battle of Peking (Chinese: 北京之戰), or historically the Relief of Peking (Chinese: 北京解圍戰), was the battle fought on 14–15 August 1900 in Beijing, in which the Eight-Nation Alliance relieved the siege of the Peking Legation Quarter during the Boxer Rebellion. From 20 June 1900, Boxers and Imperial Chinese Army troops had besieged foreign diplomats, citizens and soldiers within the legations of Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and the United States.

  • Imperial Ancestral Temple

    Imperial Ancestral Temple

    Building in Beijing, China

    Distance: Approx. 409 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 39.90996389,116.39354167

    The Imperial Ancestral Temple, or Taimiao (simplified Chinese: 太庙; traditional Chinese: 太廟; pinyin: Tàimiào) of Beijing, is a historic site in the Imperial City, just outside the Forbidden City, where during both the Ming and Qing dynasties, sacrificial ceremonies were held on the most important festival occasions in honor of the imperial family's ancestors. The temple, which resembles the Forbidden City's ground plan, is a cluster of buildings in three large courtyards separated by walls. The main hall inside the temple is the Hall for Worship of Ancestors, which is one of only four buildings in Beijing to stand on a three-tiered platform, a hint that it was the most sacred site in imperial Beijing.

  • St. Barnabas's Hospital in Beijing

    Hospital in Beijing, China

    Distance: Approx. 99 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 39.90666667,116.3975

    St. Barnabas's Hospital (Chinese: 安国圣巴拿巴医院) is a hospital in Beijing, China founded by the Anglican Church of China. St.

  • St. Stephen's Hospital in Beijing

    Anglican founded hospital in Beijing, China

    Distance: Approx. 99 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 39.90666667,116.3975

    St. Stephen's Hospital (Chinese: 永清圣司提反医院) is a hospital in Beijing, China. It was founded by the Anglican Church of China.

  • Beijing


    Capital city of China

    Distance: Approx. 99 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 39.90666667,116.3975

    Beijing, alternatively romanized as Peking, is the capital of China. With more than 22 million residents, Beijing is the world's most populous national capital city as well as China's second largest city after Shanghai. It is located in Northern China, and is governed as a municipality under the direct administration of the State Council with 16 urban, suburban, and rural districts.

  • Tian'anmenxi station

    Tian'anmenxi station

    Beijing Subway station

    Distance: Approx. 497 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 39.907472,116.391278

    Tian'anmenxi Station (simplified Chinese: 天安门西站; traditional Chinese: 天安門西站; pinyin: Tiān'ānmén Xī Zhàn) is a station on Line 1 of the Beijing Subway. It is located near Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the National Centre for the Performing Arts.

  • Tian'anmendong station

    Tian'anmendong station

    Beijing Subway station

    Distance: Approx. 353 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 39.90778,116.401216

    Tian'anmendong (simplified Chinese: 天安门东站; traditional Chinese: 天安門東站; pinyin: Tiān'ānmén Dōng Zhàn; Wade–Giles: Tʻien1-an1-mên2 Tung1 Chan4) is a station on Line 1 of the Beijing Subway. It provides the most direct access to many Beijing tourist sites, including Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the National Museum of China.

  • Forbidden City Concert Hall

    Forbidden City Concert Hall

    Concert hall in Beijing, China

    Distance: Approx. 397 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 39.9109,116.3957

    Forbidden City Concert Hall (Chinese: 中山公园音乐堂; lit. 'Zhongshan Park Music Hall') is a 1,419-seat multi-purpose venue in Beijing. The name of the venue came from the fact that it is located within the grounds of the Beijing Zhongshan Park, a vast former imperial altar Shejitan and now a public park located to the southwest of the Forbidden City and in the Imperial City.

  • Dashilan Subdistrict

    Dashilan Subdistrict

    Subdistrict in Xicheng, Beijing

    Distance: Approx. 408 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 39.90944444,116.39305556

    Dashilan Subdistrict (Chinese: 大栅栏街道; pinyin: Dàshilànr Jiēdào) (also known as Dashilanr or Dashilar with Erhua) is a subdistrict on eastern side of Xicheng District, in Beijing, China. Dashilan is also a famous business street outside Qianmen. Now the term Dashilan is also used to refer to the area comprising, besides Dashilan itself, also the Langfang Toutiao Lane, Liangshidian Street and Meishi Street.

  • 2013 Tiananmen Square attack

    Terrorist attack in Beijing, China

    Distance: Approx. 10 meters

    Latitude and longitude: 39.9075,116.39722222

    On 28 October 2013, a car ran over pedestrians and crashed in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China, in a terrorist suicide attack. Five people died in the incident; three inside the vehicle and two others nearby. Police identified the driver as Usmen Hasan and the two passengers as his wife, Gulkiz Gini, and his mother, Kuwanhan Reyim.

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18 Celsius

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1015 hPa

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1009 hPa


10000 meters

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2.52 m/s

wind direction

112 degree


100 %

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